Road Safety

Road safety
The green, red and yellow lights indicating for when to stop and go. The love of the pedestrians with no automobile.
I wonder what a drunkard is doing on the road endangering the lives of all passengers.
I see a uniform man not doing his duty but collecting kola from men that can hardly fend for their families.
I see the future of a young child shattered due to accident and I ponder and took it upon my self to ask, what is this government doing about it? Are these traffic lights working or just for decorations?
A mother wailing on the road for the death of her son that hasn’t experienced the sweetness of life, likewise a daughter that can hardly feed herself weeping for her parents to come back to life.
Every corner I turn to, I see orphans pulling me, widows and widowers crying out their heart for their beloveds that have been claimed by the road.
I look upon the traffic light, brooding over the mess on ground and the guilt it carried weight heavily. Oh! Do not blame me, I want to perform my duty but I haven’t been giving attention, now the death of all these people, I have to carry on my shoulder.
Look at that uniform man that just sprang into action, my friend don’t be deceived, he only did that not to be accused of not doing his job. All he has been doing before the accident is to rob the people of their money.
Over there is a man driving recklessly even with a license, now I admit that this government of ours is faulty, let the people be sensitized on road safety.


SquarePyramid Quiz on Road Safety

Date: Sunday 24th of December 2017

Time: Between 12.30 pmĀ  and 7.00 pm

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